Top U.S. Cities for Young Professionals

Recently, Forbes posted their official rankings of the top cities in the United States for young professionals.  Some of the more obvious choices topped the list, yet the most obvious one of all (New York City) ranked fourth.  But in the end, the most shocking position is perhaps often-forgotten Milwaukee sitting high at number 9.  As a young professional in my twenties hoping to move to the United States sometime in the future, I found this article both extremely interesting and informative.  Unfortunately, it was quite noticeable to me that cities in Florida fared by far the worst with Tampa ranking at the bottom in 40th, Miami at 39th and Orlando at 37th.  The top 5 and the link to the article are below.  It’s defintely worth a look!

1) San Francisco

2) Boston

3) Houston

4) New York City

5) Minneapolis

Top Cities for Young Professionals

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