Detroit: What Now?

Photo Courtesy of photodocGVSU on Flickr


With the possibility of the automakers getting absoulutely zilch from the U.S. government, one has to wonder what this means for the already suffering city of Detroit.  Detroit may be less dependent on the auto industry than it once was (since manufacturing has been in decline for decades), but with the possibility of an official GM bankruptcy, it could send shockwaves through the city.  The city recently passed a $47 million dollar stabilization plan for a number of neighbourhoods around the city with the hopes of using a great number towards demolition.  Could we be seeing Detroit tearing down a large number of their thousands of vacant buildings?  Perhaps this land could be put to better use.  Whatever may happen, it’s unfortunate to see a city that has already hit hard times possibly go even further down.  I’m certainly not defending General Motors.  They had plenty of time to restructue, but the possibilities are grim for Detroit if they do go under.

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