Creating New Roads as Easy as Rolling Out a New Carpet?


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The creation and maintenance of traditional asphalt roads has always been both time consuming and expensive.  Recently, the environmental movement has reinstagated  the idea of creating brick roads.  Brick’s are generally durable and aren’t nearly as susceptible to cracks due to freezing and thawing.  Yet, once again, paving the roads would be extremely time consuming.  However, a new machine may change how roads are built throughout cities.  An article at recently showcased a brick laying machine that literally lays out a brick road on a sand bottom like a carpet.  Crazily enough, the machine isn’t somehow magic, but actually uses gravity to pack the bricks tightly together. With a little more polish, this machine could truly help save a lot of time and money for a city while also being far better for the environment.  Seems like something we truly invest in.

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