Infographic: Urban Matters

Infographics are quite effective in illustrating and simplifying seemingly complex concepts. This SAP Urban Matters infographic illustrates the power of the cities and the importance of having sustainable efficiently run cities.

Cities are already playing an increasingly vital role in our lives and the global economy and increasingly becoming points of convergence for many ideas, dreams, cultures and aspirations.  They host universities, cultural centres, museums, parks, multinationals, financial infrastructure and sports facilities and are therefore indispensable to all those who aspire to a modern lifestyle.  In the developing world, cities are land of opportunities and the place where dreams are realized. Some 3.5 billion of us currently live in cities, a number that is expected to increase to 6.5 billion by 2050. Some 120 cities currently account for 29% of the global GDP or $20.2 trillion. By 2025,some 600 cities are expected to account for 65% of the global GDP. Being the hive of economic activity, cities are also the biggest polluters  accounting for some 71% of greenhouse gas emissions. Those HVAC, vehicle and industrial emissions are exerting their fair share of damage to the environment. But as the infographic states, it is not enough to build a smart city but the city must function and adapt quickly to meet new challenges.

So what makes a best run city? Several factors must converge to create a city that delivers to its inhabitants. These include governance, infrastructure, financial expertise, strong economy, resilience and sustainability, societal character, human and social capital. A best run city must have efficient urbanization, smarter economies, sustainable growth and empowered communities. These are the key drivers that catalyze the evolution of cities and urban development in general.   Check out the SAP Urban Matters infographic for more information on why best run cities are improving lives.


Urban Matters Infographic

Urban Matters Infographic

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